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from union city, jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> tara moriarty joins us live with talking with police and the warning for other resident -- residents in the city, good morning tara. >> reporter: police have not found any suspects but they do have leads they are following up on. meanwhile members of the homeless committee are on edge after one of their own was violently killed and so far no witnesses have come forward. police say 24-year-old mckayla had recently become homeless after not taking a -- after dropping out of a drug program. investigators say she was stabbed several times with some type of blade edged instrument and she was most likely killed where she was found. >> people who are homeless should stay vigilant and be extra careful and i would make that recommendation at any time. we don't have anything that is pointing to anything but an isolated incident right now. >> now we found some pictures of her on my space. she came here at the beginning of october and left a victory outreach home on october 11 with a man she met and again police have spoken
to cast their votes and tara moriarty is live in belmont with more on that story, tara? >>> that's right, we are here in san mateo county and in about an hour, volunteers will making phone calls back east you can see the big array of democratic people they want to vote for as they are driving by. they want people to get out and vote for president barack obama. last night they were targeting republicans and undecided voters in battleground states. hope and change now moves to finish and finish what the president started. >> we have to know what the facts are and to be able to share that with election people. >> it volunteers them simply to get out and vote. >> it reinforces that somebody is out there trying to get something done and agree with the same things they agree with. >> reporter: now the feeling, mitt romney could pull out a win here and we will tell you what both parties will not take for granted. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and some polls on the east coast are pulling aunt we are looking at vice-president joseph biden, as they cast their ballots and later th
with a neighborhood buried in mud. tara moriarty was the first reporter on the scene, she is out in the neighborhood again to see what it looks like today, tara? yesterday at this time these treats were coughed in mud and right now they are clean but still a lot of work ahead, this is covered in mud and this is once -- this was once a grassy field. they came in late last night to dig cars out of the mud. a 70-year-old cast iron tank took place above hillside park. it under herebied and luckily nobody was hurt and nobody home was damaged and now we will have rain. >> i guess we have rain coming soon and we never know if it could happen again because there is that one spot that came down already. >> reporter: now the debtor with water resources said the water-main broke because it is most likely so old and -- old. and i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a man is shot in the back in downtown san rafael. new video into a shooting in san rafael that sent one man into the hospital between tip miss avenue apple are looking for four men who left the car. >>> new charges have been filed agai
looks good driving up to downtown oakland let's go back to the desk. >>> tara moriarty is there in vallejo with the damage caused by the fire and why it may be part of a much larger investigation pam. police and fire are working together and they believe it is connected to a rash of fires that have been springing up through the city. it happened less than three hours ago. smoke and flames were shooting out of the bar where investigators believe somebody started it 3:00 a.m. this morning. the blaze caused $50,000 in damage. head to cut a hole in the roof and the flames melted the pool tables and beer signs inside. agencies from outside came in to help and they believe this latest work is the help of an arizona any of the. we tonight have any real reason. i can't speculate i tonight know why or what. >> reporter: now another fire broke out in an empty house off of alabama street and that fire was ignited outside of a door and caused $75,000 in damage. firefighters have seen a pattern in these fires and they are all lit outside of the building in the early morning hours.
the story since "mornings on 2" and tara moriarty joins us live with the two options that are under debate. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. money for free muni passes for 40,000 low income children or money for services to improve them. well, from what it sounded like this morning, muni was willing to consider both. >> you can't work -- >> reporter: it's a debate that's pitting youth activists against transit activists. >> the difference between mta and the san francisco giants is muni management always strikes out. >> reporter: they a -- they documented it out at a meeting -- duked it out at a meeting about how to spend this extra money. >> translator: my family and i have two children, i hope you can support this. >> reporter: many immigrant families said the jump was one they couldn't afford. >> i know some people can't afford the ticket they get. i feel bad. >> reporter: the supervisor is pushing for using the funds for maintenance pointing out the agency's poor perform answer rates, citing the agency's need for $420 million in deferred maintenance costs. >> the mun
. the cleanup is underway after that flood and mess made a midwest of the daly city neighborhood. tara moriarty was the first on the scene to bring us the dramatic pictures and is live to show us how the hillside has changed. tara? >> reporter: well, the hillside that got swept into the neighborhood, for right now, what the public crews works are trying to do is dig this street out of this landslide. tens of thousands of gallons of water mixed with mud gushed down the hillside. >> the entire lawn was covered. there was like a stream going down the street. >> reporter: he lived near the water creek where a pipe burst. >> i called 911. >> reporter: 40 people had toking evacuated -- to had to be evacuated. neighbors were in bewilderment. this woman's daughter said her car couldn't drive to work this morning. >> nobody can get out of the street. >> reporter: public crews and neighbors spent most of the morning trying to dig out of this. while the city repairs the broken pipe neighbors have much more concerns. does it make you worried it is unstable? >> i think so. >> reporter: now, luckily, no one
neighborhood into a mountain of mud. ktvu tara moriarty is out there again this morning. how does it look tara? >> reporter: well, the goal here is to make sure the rain doesn't make the situation worse. you know the city originally said that broke in that ruptured water main unleashed 45,000 gallons of water. now it's looking more like 97,000. certainly a believable amount. now crews have set up bails of hay and laid netting on top of a thick layer. the disaster left dozens of cars trapped in the mud and buried in the street. right now the concern is the storm drains that they don't get backed up. >> the idea is do what we can to relay the concerns of the residents not to have anymore mud flow impacts. address the concerns they have with these rains coming. >> reporter: today the street is clear but hillside park is still buried in four feet of mud. the goal is to keep more mud from slipping and rebuilding the hill which is obviously a much more long-term project. live from daly city i'm tara moriarty. >>> happening right now former cia director david petraeus is scheduled to testify before h
% reporting there. that being said tara moriarty is live in san francisco where voters overwhelmingly supported the measure. tara. >> reporter: good morning. students, teachers, and principal here at mission high school will probably be walking through these doors with an extra pep in their step. this is one of the city's the city's oldest comprehensive high school and it has struggled with test scores in the past but prop 30 may help change that. governor jerry brown's proposition 30 billed as a tax hike to rescue state schools has passed. 54% yes, to 46% no. it will raise the tax cut by a quarter of a cent per year and increase tax for those that make over $150,000 a year. >> here we are. we have a vote of the people. i think the only place in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dreams. >> reporter: now the biggest support was in liberal san francisco, santa cruz, and alameda county. while the largest was in the northeast tip of the state. it's expected to raise an average of $6 billion a year for the state's ge
of the american dream, owning your home. lately it can be a battle for homeowners. tara moriarty shows us that help is on the way to explain how. good afternoon, tara. >> good afternoon, tori. buying a home in this economy can be really difficult. many folks like the mortgage rates but they are short on the downpayment. so that's where wells fargo bank is stepping in. this morning in oakland, the officials announced $5 million for downpayment assistance for homeowners in oakland, fremont, hayward, concord, antioch, pittsburg, richmond, brentwood and bay point may be able to afford the home of their dreams. >> i think there's still inventory out there. you would would-be buyers. >> wells fargo partnered with neighbor works america. >> it's a great holiday season experience where 250 families will get a $0,000 downpayment towards stabilizing many of the neighborhoods in oakland and in the surrounding cities. >>> how do you apply, well, december 7th and 8th at the oakland convention center. you can fill out an application if you live in the home for five years, you don't have to pay back a p
the one supervisor who supported the sheriff and is also up for re-election, tara moriarty has just seen the ad. that features a woman who played a key role into the investigation of the sheriff. you are at the campaign headquarters for that sprf orwith an exclusive report, tara. >> reporter: that's right. this ad is aimed at unseating supervisor christina olongy, the star ivory madison, the sheriff's next door neighbor. >> my name is i'veary madison. >> reporter: she was the 1 his wife was involved in. >> i didn't want to get involved but now i have to. >> she is speaking out in some ad against her own district 5 supervisor christina elongy, up for eelection. >> n woman has been through the ringer and the courage for her to call and say that i must break my silence -- >> san francisco women for accountability produced the spot because it says she was out of line in voting to allow a convicted domestic violence offender to led the sheriff's department. >> i don't think she was politically motivated, she was the neighbor trying to do the right thing, any of us what would you do, this is t
're tracking daly city flooding. tara moriarty is live on the scene. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the damage here is pretty incredible. if you take a look behind me here, you can see where the mud and the water ended but it began all the way up the hill where those trees are and this entire neighborhood is just basically -- has mud all over the streets. about two dozen people had to be evacuated off bonnie street. the mud swept down the street. deputy was the first news -- ktvu was the first news crew to arrive on the scene. we saw the water mixed with the mud gushing down the hillside. the brake happening off luzane avenue and bonnie street. crews have it under control. the water has stopped racing down the hill. we spoke to the neighbor who called 911 initial. he said it was scary -- initially. he stayed was scary initially. >> the entire lawn was covered. there was a stream going down the street. i went downstairs and i got on my cell phone and called 911. >> reporter: the mud is up past the car tires at some -- some of the vehicles. several streets are block
some instances, but first we go to tara moriarty at the airport to find out if the strike is affecting holiday travel there. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. maximize the message. that's essentially what these workers are doing here at the terminals. they are scattered at every entrance visible to the hundreds of passengers headed inside to catch their flights. members of the service employees international union starting picketing last night at 9:30. they are not blocking passengers from getting in line or on their flights. they say they want people to enjoy their thanksgiving but at the same time understand what they are fighting for we don't want to disturb the public going and -- for. >> we don't want to disturb the public going. >> reporter: meanwhile, we've seen people -- they don't seem to mind that the folks have hit the picket line during the thanksgiving crunch. >> it's great timing on their part, right? >> yes, because it's an important time. people will be traveling and that can definitely add some -- to inconvenience a lot of people's schedules. pretty smart
and personnel has taken off from travis airforce base in solano county. tara moriarty joins us live to let us know some of the crucial items on board. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. our cargo plane took off from travis airforce base about 45 minutes ago. headed down to march airforce base to pick up supplies before it heads to the east coast. let's take a look at some of the crew members who were boarding that plane earlier around 11:15. this is ac-5. filled with supplies for victims of sandy. although this was short notice for them they say they were on stand by ready to answer the call of duty. now these are pictures from march airforce base, where sick 32 tons of equipment and supplies, including utility trucks are being loaded on to those planes. in less than two hours they will move out. >> and they are moving utility equipment and personnel to upstate new york that will allow us to turn the light switch on for the east coast. we also have a bunch of medical folks on stand by ready to launch so if there is air medical evacuation or if there is folks that need medical assist
raining overnight and there could be some standing water there. let's go to tara moriarty in fremont with one one of the biggest wrecks this morning. >> reporter: the chp had two cars towed a half hour ago. the road is nearly dry but at 2:00 in the morning, it is wet and that is what the chp says played a major role in this crash. it appears the person driving the white saturn had a solo spin out and slammed into the median and the driver of a silver suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was outside his car. he suffered a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. the chp issued a sig alert. everything is back open now but there is another reminder why you need to slow down in the rain. sometimes it's not safe to even drive the speed limit. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the skies opened up in the middle of the night, a ktvu news camera took these pictures of marble sized hail falling on oakland overnight and it made driving conditions extremely treacherous. bad weather is also being blamed for a wreck on highway 13 in oakland. it happe
, aim tori campbell. >>> a third suspicious fire broke out this morning in vallejo, tara moriarty was covering the story all morning and joins us live to explain what they all have in common. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. police are calling this guy a serial arsonist and he shows no signs of slowing down. we are here in front of where police believe he last struck, a house across the street from the vallejo police department. >>> it was firefighters third call in about a 12 hour stretch. >> scary, because i slept through the whole thing. >> reporter: lori lives nearby the latest fire that broke out in a vacant office building around 7:30 this morning there. >> you don't see anybody on the streets after 8:00. more like we are under marshal law right now. >> fire investigators have been working with police to catch the person they believe is stop for setting 30 fires over a six to eight month timeframe within a half-mile radius. >> these fires have been kind of similar patterns in terms of vacant buildings, usually set from the exterior but again we have a task force
to the airport which is also part of the port's operation. tara moriarty tells us if the strike is affecting holiday travel there. >> reporter: they braved the cold, windy terminals at 3:00 in the morning. nine hours later, they were still chanting and waving picket signs. >> that's the reason why we did it over the thanksgiving holiday so we can relate the message to all of these people out here so they can know what we're waiting for here at the oakland airport. >> reporter: passengers scurried past picketers. flight times were not impacted. >> it's great timing on their part. >> yes, because it is an important time. people are gonna be traveling. that can definitely add some -- it will inconvenience some people's schedule but it is putting pressure on -- mutting the -- putting the pressure on. >> reporter: these people are beverage servers. they come to stand in solidarity the with the others on strike. >> very frustrating. they do the same amount of work that we do. >> they are all working in very poor conditions. a lot of labor laws have been working -- broken. we feel this is very impo
joins us live from the city to ex-- ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live to tell us who is sharpening their knives. >> reporter: well, in an hour, they will be carving turkeys and they will be dishing out to the salvation army. they sliced, and sorted. >> we put the white meat here and the dark meat there. >> reporter: 150 turkeys. >> we're so blessed to be able to help people all year long but here is chance to demonstrate where we're putting the meat on the table. >> reporter: the police chief and his command staff were there to help. >> this is a fun way to do it. a little competition with knives. >> reporter: and then the fire chief and her crew pitched in. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, the salvation army has been serving turkeys with all of the trimmings for those who need it. >> these meals will be delivered to people in the city who are too old or too ill to get out of doors. >> i want to thank the salvation army for helping us feed the city, so happy thanksgiving everybody and lets get to these nude turkeys. [laughter] >> reporter: and these hard economic
this morning. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> california's rejected the rival tax measure proposition 38. take a look at your screen. 72% voting no. 28% yes. that is 95% of precincts reported. it was funded by a millionaire attorney and would have raised the taxes of middle and upper class income households. >>> 6:08. santa clara county voters decided on several ballot measures on election day. ktvu janine de la vega live in san jose. you can tell us some of the results. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. all these measures centered around money one of the measures that didn't pass that seemed to be a shock to at least the people we spoke to this morning was measure that centered around gambling and that is measure e. now 42% of the people voted yes. and 58% were against it. now this measure would have increased the amount of gaming tables at san jose's two card rooms. proponents said it would have generated $20 million in tax revenue for the city. political analysts thought this might have been a slam dunk because it seemed like an easy way to ge
's tara moriarty is out there on 880 where the road opened just a little while ago. >> reporter: we're at 880 and traffic is back to normal but between the hours of 2 and 4:00 this morning there were major back ups. officials say the rain slicked road play add big factor in the crash. the chp says it appears the person driving the white saturn slammed into the median at 2:00 this morning. and the driver of the suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was outside his car. he sudden a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. he is in critical condition. there are several traffic breaks for two hours but everything is back to normal. as you can see the truck scared me just a little bit. we're close to the freeway. it is important to slow down as you drive toward the roadways this morning because there was a lot of overnight rain and it is continuing in parts. you want to make sure you go maybe just under the speed limit however safe you feel. live from fremont i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police in antioch investigating a deadly overnigh
muddy flood. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is in daly city again this morning where a mud slide indated that area. >> reporter: the rain has been off and on this morning. it rained a little bit and stopped and now it's picked up again. that's what neighbors are concerned about. over the past three daying the city was able to dig a trench to keep the impending rainwater out of the area. we went down the hill and shot pictures of the storm drain and hillside park. trying to clear that suer system. the priority right now is to make sure the rain doesn't clog the drain or make the mud slide worse. 45,000 gallons of water gushed from that ruptured pipe. crews have set up bails of hay. >> the idea is to to do what we can to relay the concerns of the residents. not to have anymore mud low impacts. address the concerns they have with these rains coming we want to be respectful of that concern. >> reporter: the disaster left dozens of cars trapped in the mud and buried in the street. today that street is clear. hillside park is still buried in four feet of mud in some spots. the goal is
in san lorenzo. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a fatal shooting inside of a cell phone store. here is new details on exactly what happened. brian? >> reporter: dave good morning, we are here at international boulevard and as you can see behind me, this is the market seller metro p.s. cell phone shop. what happened was he got calls of gunshots and a man was shot in the torso. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived, they could not revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. several people tell us he was the owner of the store and very well-liked. they also said he would be helpful to community members helping people out for years and lots of people as you can see in the video are very upset. as soon as we do we will pass on the information. the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> the jersey shore he knows and loves may be a thing of the past. there is too much damage and rebuilding it like it was might set up for another disaster. power outages forced many gas stations to close and they are running out. >> you can see people strike to get onto the bus. but taking trans
in the forecast that is on the minds of the folks in this neighborhood with the mud being so soft. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> now we are hearing from jill kelly involving 0 former cia director general david petraeus and then general allan. >>> i have a guy who is in my backyard who is not leaving if you can send somebody out. i don't know but i am an honorary council general so i have vie and the... >> that was -- viability. >> she had been howed over the weekend and she had thousands of inappropriate e-mails with general john allan. she is an honorary council but that's not an official post an it does not have any special legal privileges. >>> president barack obama will hold his first conference since being reelected. the many questions reporters want the president to answer. >>> nancy pelosi is going to announce whether she will hold her post or step town. they had hoped to hold their spot and democrats had less than what they needed. if she continues to hold her post she would still continue to be a congresswoman in san francisco. >>> they are about to bane protest this m
bridge. tara moriarty is watching the morning commute, where is that storm, we can feel it, right? >> now some of the heavier rain, we have to go back here but some of the heavier bands are beginning to inch into the north bay and you can see northern county as well as rushing river, we will keep an eye on that because it will be one of the focuses of the heavier rain nothing too bad yet but up into mendocino county, there will be heavy duty rainfall totals and so far there are only 3 / 100s for the south bay. coming up, mark is live at the richmond san rafael bridge, it looks like things are picking up. >> reporter: within the last 10 to 15 minutes, we have a big boost, nothing too extreme but we came out about an hour ago. winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour. as you can see, the rain has been a approaching and with that, the wind has been approaching as well. of course the key concern this morning that is a problem when you add wind and that's a problem. we took the news van to see what drivers were expensing and the strongest winds as you would expect are in the mid- span of the bridges.
news tara moriarty is watching the traffic and it is the first for you. where is the storm system now. >> right off the coast. it is producing some light rain and it is coming in, in about two hours and the heavy rain is offshore. it is merging and it is going to pack a pretty good punch here. it looks like it is heading towards the marin coast and we will keep an eye on it and the focus will be the rushing river and for now let's to go to mark, i think this is the first time we have worked together, how are things at the san rafael bridge. >> yes, it is an honor. we have had a few light showers. >> reporter: a little bit of a breeze nothing too major, but you can see we have trees but a wind advisory we have been talking about we are talking about winds starting to pick up in the next few hours. just a few light showers out there as i have mentioned, nothing too extreme, cars are moving towards the toll plaza but the key concern later on today, over the next couple of hours winds are increasing up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. and these bridges, the dumbarton, the bay bridge and the ri
and tara moriarty watching that for us. what's going on. >> we have a sig alert on the peninsula, in palo alto and it got worse. we have three lanes blocked. this is a solo vehicle crash. they say that these lanes will be closed for up to six hours. a chp patrol car has overturned and the officer does need to be taken to the hospital. looks like a female driver. that's all we know at this point. but three lanes blocked u.s. 101 northbound at the san antonio avenue and embarcadero road exit. be aware of that. six hours is a long time. >>> and the bay bridge toll plaza, you see traffic flowing into san francisco. and coming in for berkeley looking good as you make your way toward the mcarthur maze here's steve. >>> low 50s, for others it's cold, upper 30s. gilroy 39, upper 30s around concord and livermore but a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge, a few high clouds drifting down from the north, patchy fog as well. north and east bay. some of the visibility can be awful. once it burns off, it will be a hazy day. it's a dry forecast probably until next wednesday night, then looks like ra
of san francisco. right now crew roberts scene of a fire in the bay view district. tara moriarty joins us live from the scene with the latest tara. >> reporter: we are here at the corner of hamas and ingalls. you got this around 5:00 if >> yeah around 4:30, 5:00 this morning. first units on the scene encountered a little fire coming from this carport. it was held to a first alarm. what you see there appears to be some type of workshop. a couple cars were involved. we were able to make a quick knock down of the fire. right now the cause is not determined at this time. arson will respond and we will get a declaration of the origin. >> reporter: at this point you can't tell if it was suspicious. >> i wouldn't say suspicious. i would say a pork spot. >> reporter: a lot of time there is are different things that can come bust. >> yes. but we will leave this undetermined until arson comes out. >> reporter: all right and what time will they be coming out here and will this be an investigation will it start pretty much in the morning when they can get a better view of everything? >> arson will be
. tara moriarty live on the scene now to she show us some of the damage and also what we know about what led up to the crash. tara. >> reporter: well, the teenager was picking up his dad across the street. you can see the gate there is. one is actually lying on the parking lot. he was trying to leave that parking lot and the gate started to open. then instead of stopping he slammed on the gas pedal and he ended up going several feet plowing into this store you see right here. this is a fab lick store -- fabric store. witnesses say around midnight it all happened. authorities believe that the boy again mistook the gas pedal for the break and sped forward and that's what caused him to smash into the shop. we're here near the corn ore of 12th avenue and 12th street. the truck hit a water line. crew to do turn off the water supply. they were also forced to cut off the power because there were electrical boxes above the scene of the crash. firefighters rolled the truck out of the store and it was later towed. no word yet on what caused the accident but officials say it does not appear that al
. i am tara moriarty you ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a man was shot and killed at a cell phone store. it happened last night on international boulevard. the man who talked about the shooting said it may have happened during a robbery attempt. >>> in just a few hours nurses will walk off and they are talking about changes to sick leave when nurses call is reduction in patient care standards. san leandro hospital, delta and antioch, they have been hired to fill in for striking nurses. >>> an estimated one million came in to celebrate the world's victory. the manager bruce bochy brought out the trophy in front of city hall. this is both married lee with a broom deciding more and more fans thank the fans for their unwavering reports. >> we went to st. louis and they were not as lloyd as you and quite frankly, detroit was not even close to as loud as you. that is why i sang that for you and of course the signature song... >> i left my heart in san francisco sister. >>> pitchers and lance cup dashes lance company -- lance kim was there they were all fired up about the world series wi
they are not allowed to go back in yet but we are not sure if it is close to the source of the league. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we are also following overnight news near the san jose airport. jeanine della vega is at the airport with how this scary situation ended. >>> into the early morning hours, it was 1st street and may tricks boulevard, and you can see this whole area used to be by police. there you see that new york pd pizza and because of what was inside that car, they advice them to evacuate because of that possible threat police detonated what was termed to be a pipe bomb at 1:00 a.m. this morning. police pulled over a van on a routine traffic stop. they determined that and then the bomb unit came to handle the situation. they immediately told businesses to leave. >> cops started to evacuate everything. >> i mean the bombs, you got to get out of there. >> reporter: tell us highway 101 was the shut down away from those businesses. police have die identified them and we are unsure if he is in the south bay and he is in custody for being in possession of an explosion suff
into the livermore valley. six other cars may have played a role we are thinking it did. tara moriarty has more on how the wet weather is affecting roads, tara? >> reporter: good morning, sal, it's not raining but the roadways are still slick from the rain so you better slow down for your morning commute. right now most of the rain seems to be concentrated in the south bay. walnut creek is getting the biggest dose of it and in oakland and jackson on the off ramp. rain is expected and hopefully don't break suddenly because you want to avoid an accident in these conditions. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> two small children were hit while trick or treating and police are questioning the driver. claudine wong is in santa rosa with what police are saying and also what the weather was like at the time of the accident. claudine? >> reporter: well, pam let me give you a look at where this all happened, wi street four lanes of traffic and from what we understand, it is a residential area and they were already in the crosswalk, they saw the vehicle coming down the street they tried to hol
, they are filled with mud and right now dozens have been evacuated. tara moriarty is live where the details are of all the damage and what caused this, tara? >> there are a row of homes where tons of mud and water have come racing down. if you take a look behind me, you can see the mess in the middle of the street. 2 dozen people had to be evacuated and those are four very long street blocks. that is how far the water traveled from. ktvu channel 2 morning news was the first news crew to arrive on scene and it appears there was some sort of leak bursting at the hillside park near the basketball courts. we were able to grab dramatic pictures of the water gushing down the hillside. crews now have it under control and neighbors are just shaking their heads at this mess. >> my whole driveway is covered with mud and stuff and you know if it continues the mud can go all the way up to here. >> they say some trees have actually fallen off the hillside and car tires are stuck in the mud. again folks from 8 homes are out and public works crews will have a big job on their hands and several treats are
an under ground station. tara moriarty is in san francisco with the video just released by police in hopes of catching the attacker. tara. >> reporter: police are hoping by releasing this surveillance video taken from the muni station here at the corner of anise and market. it was taken october 10th in the evening. you can see a man with a bicycle he just jumped over the pay gates and walking toward the platform. the muni agent walks after him saying there is no bikes allowed. he turns around and attacks him. again it all happened at 7:40 at night and the suspect was last seen here at the corn of van necessary and market. that suspect is described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old about six feet tall and 180 pounds. police are hoping that you recognize the man in this video and if so, give them a call. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police also planning to increase their presence in the mission district following a recent increase in gang violence. the track officers will patrol problem areas near the 16th street and 24th st
away but a lot of people are starting their holiday travel early. tara moriarty joins us live from sfo to let us know what the crowds are like there today. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. looks like everything is leaving on time. we checked the boards and it looks like the planes in and out of sfo on time right now but we did have some low clouds and rain which was causing delays but so far so good. this the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving season. 140,000 people will come through sfo today. then between now and thanksgiving 1.2 million passengers will pass through sfo. it is recommended you leave at least an hour and a half early for your flight. we spoke to one family headed to mexico for thanksgiving. >> i think with two hours to get in there and get settled so we will be good i think. >> then are you going to have turkey in mexico. >> maybe a few margaritas, might skip the turkey this year. who needs turkey. >> a spokesperson says the friday before thanksgiving has become a busy travel day because many schools are off the entire week and more families decid
for hotel visitors and they have been forced outside of the embassy suite. tara moriarty has been talking with fire officials and guests. >>> fire hazmat crews have already left the scene. >> reporter: of course this was no ordinary overnight stay here for the people and firefighters were called out to the international airport and they called in hazmat and did some air samples and found high levels of carbon monoxide. within an hour they evacuated the building and hundreds of people staying here were just booked as they traced the problem that a faulty -- traced the problem that a faulty boiler. >> the equipment since that time has beenitis lasted and in the -- isolated and in that time we figured we were evacuate for the safety of the occupants. >> reporter: now fire crews tell us they were out here at the hotel actually last night around 6:30 and that's when then transported a man to the hospital and we don't know if his illness was indeed carbon month objection side -- carbon- monoxide poisoning. had the detecters been in place, firefighters might have pinpointed the problem much soon
of dui. the passenger received only minor injuries. >>> tara moriarty is live in santa rosa with the killing of a young mother and how that is triggering a safety alert. >>> a woman was brutally stabbed to death and you can see the pile of flowers that have been gathered in her memory. many have been touched by her death. investigators believe she was most likely killed where she was found downtown area on 4th street. she was stabbed several times with a blade edged instrument. she recently had become homeless and homeless women in the area are warned to stay on alert since the man has not been caught. she had come to santa rosa at the beginning of october to start a drug recovery program and dropped out. her husband said she met with a man in santa rosa and police are working with the homeless as well as her family to see if they can come up with any leads but for now homeless women are asked to stay vigilant for their own safety. >>> new this morning, east coast areas are still recovering from super storm sandy and they have another issue to deal with. so called disaster t
francisco police and arson crews investigating a suspicious early-morning fire. ktvu's tara moriarty live in the bayview district with the latest details. tara? >> reporter: well, there were about four cars that were torched. this was one of them. you see how charred out it is. if we step over here, you can see where it used to be parked over here in this car poet. right here where this empty spot is where it used to be. about 20 minutes ago, crews had to come out here because there was smoke coming from the car. they wanted to make sure they had got the flames out completely. you can see there's gas and electrical lines on the side of the house. the smell of gas, we should point out, is very overpowering right here. the man who is working on restoring all of these cars tells us he has received threats in the past. all of this could be the work of an arsonist. four cars were torched in a fire that broke out just before 5:00 this morning at a home off thomas and eagle streets. some were vintage cars including a corvette and camaro. take accloseer look, it looks like the car originated in t
, they can be used for projects. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> menlo park police are increasing patrols in the bel haven area after a man was shot to death while walking to his car. a candle marks the spot where 42-year-old kerry custodylive of knew arc died saturday night. he was visiting a friend when he was attacked. police are not sure if the attack was a random robbery or if he was tarted but it's in the same neighborhood -- targeted but it's in the same neighborhood where police say there were two other shootings this month. >> i can't do nothing about it. some people do some things that don't have any mind. >> this is the second homicide victim of the year. the first was an accused teenaged gang member in june. >>> 7:32. loose control improvements at richmond -- at the richmond refinery will be discussed. an environmental justice group is claiming that cancer causing dust at that refinery is still lingering around homes and gardens from albany to san pablo. now, the group says five of eight dust samples contain high levels o
. it was a bad crash that sent one man to the hospital with severe injuries. tara moriarty is in fremont where things are getting better out there. it was pretty bad out there? >> reporter: yes, it was. the good news, it's no longer raining. the road seems drive. we're here on 880 northbound. this is near the mission boulevard exit. this crash is a good reminder why you need to slow down. around 2:00 in the morning, the chp says the rain-slicked roads played a big factor in the roads. it appears the person driving a white sedan had a soro -- solo spinout and then the driver of the silver car crashed into the vehicle. the driver was ejected. he did suffer a massive head injury and was transported to the hospital. reportedly, he's in good condition. the chp had much of these -- much of these lanes shut down. they ran a traffic break for two hours. everything is back to normal. obviously you want to take it slow, especially with more rain in the forecast. live in fremont, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is 7:03. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight. they say a
. ktvu's tara moriarty is out there along interstate 880 now. we know the roads open again but how are things now tara. >> reporter: the good news is it's not raining anymore. at 2:00 in the morning it was coming down and that was creating treacherous driving conditions at the mission boulevard exit and officials say that played a role in this crash. traffic is back to normal. the traffic was backed up, though, at 2:00 this morning. the chp says that it appears a person driving a white sedan had a spin out and slammed into the median. then the driver of a silver suv smashed entolase dan. dan-- into the sedan. the driver o. sedan was found outside his car but we're not sure if he was ejected or tried to get out of the car after the crash. he suffered a massive head injury and is reportedly in critical condition. the chp issued a sig alert and had most of the lanes closed down for abouts to -- about two hours and they ran traffic breaks and you want to take your time anywhere you're going throughout the bay area because the roadways are still slick throughout and give yourself extra
-wide tax hike. californians passed proposition 30. ktvu's tara moriarty is in san francisco one of the biggest backers of the measure. >> reporter: it's no secret that public schools in san francisco are struggling. so for that reason, many parents decided to put their kids in private schools. also, voters in alameda and santa cruz county had support as well. but mo-dot county did not support this proposition. this is mission high school. in san francisco, it's it's the oldest -- it's the oldest high school. governor jerry brown spoke to supporters at the sheridan hotel before 11:30. he said nowhere else in the country would people vote for an education tax. >> here we are, we have a vote of the people. >> now, prop 30 will raise taxes for people who make at least $250,000 by up po 3 percentage points for three years. it's expected to raise $6 billion a year for three years for the schools. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> thank you. a competing measure, proposition 38 went down handling to defeat. you can see the yes vote just got 28%, the no
the temporary tax increase. 46.1 voted against it. tara moriarty explains what it means for local schools. >> reporter: he said he was going to do it. >> i know a lot of people had some doubts. and had some questions about can you really go to the people and ask them to vote for a tax. but they did. >> the only place where a state said let's raise our taxes for the kids, for the schools, for our california green. >> problem 30 will raise the state tax and increase income taxes for people who make $250,000 a year by three percentage points for seven years. it is projected to raise $6 billion a year for schools. >> i didn't realize that prop 30 won and how stressed out i was. >> he is the principal at mission high school in san francisco where many public schools have struggled with money and test scores. >> if it didn't pass, it would be devastating to all the schools in san francisco. >> reporter: they are keeping it out of the red and more furlough dawes. they will also benefit from prop 30 and they wonder what will happen when the seven years is up. >> to me. it is like a band-aid. it i
that we first discovered yesterday. tara moriarty is live to explain the growing concern about what might in the next few days. you can see how deep the mud is. that's a pretty panoramic view. a. that's where the -- panoramic view. that's where the mud was mushed. right now crews are -- pushed. right knew crews are trying to dig all of this mud out. they will have to wait until the weekend is over and when it is not work raining crane more to -- raining anyto do this. official says a 7-year-old cast iron pipe ruptured, unleashing 45,000 gallons of water into the neighborhood. they were able to free the tires up to the tips of their tires and now the system is on the park system. >> what we're doing now, we need to find out where the drain is. we are gina get to the storm drain and identify where that is. and based upon where that is located, we can divert water to the operation. >> reporter: inspectors say the testing is safe for now. we talked to others about the water damage. sea is -- he says the system is antiquated. so far most of this dirt has been hauled away. some of it may try to
. although some people out headed to shops. tara moriarty in for sal this morning. how is it looking? >> that is right your freeways are pretty clear. as you saw during alex's live shot a lot of people hitting the malls for those big door buster sales. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. 80 westbound looks good. and up next you can see the bay bridge toll traffic slowing pretty nicely into san francisco. and up left we have 280 in san jose. kind of the same story all around here. not too many folks out there and awake. here is steve. >> tara, thank you. a very good morning. not any fog yet. we're waiting. the temperature and the dew points are very, very close. there is fog out to the valley. few high clouds and pretty strong system to the north. by this time next week it looks like rain, rain, rain. until then and into the weekend it looks good. 30s and 40s. look at that fairfield 38- degrees. concord is in there. livermore. 46 in oakland. 40 antioch. it's pretty cold out toward antioch. you can see everything moving north. it's going to deflect everything to the north. mos
was hurt and that crash has been cleared. >>> for more on what traffic is like let's go to tara moriarty in the traffic center, still slow spots. >> that's right a traffic advisory has been issued for that, take there instead. >>> a live look there, not too many folks out there, very wet conditions, a lot of cars hitting the puddles there. we want to mention the silver avenue on-ramp to southbound san francisco completely flooded and shut down, southbound near there flooded as well. in mountain view an accident there, one lane blocked and in the east bay flooding on 680 south there as well as a finder bender on 24 eastbound and there. up next a look at highway 4 in the pittsburgh area, a lot of fog westbound traffic doing all right toward concord, tori, let's check back in with you. >> thank you. viewers have been sending us snapshots of the impact on their area, paula snapped this and chemo sent us this picture of a tree that toppled over. send your photos to or post them on our facebook page. you will also find more viewer picks on our website at the stormy weather i
out. tara moriarty is in san francisco with what the vote means for california's public schools. >> reporter: we are standing in front of mission high school. and it is one of the oldest in fact the oldest high school in san francisco and it's struggling but the students here may now benefit from prop 30 passage. san francisco voters overwhelmingly supported the measure as did folks in alameda and santa cruz. they all raise the states sales tax by a quarter of a cent for four years and increase income taxes for people that make $250,000 a year by up to three percentage points. it's projected to raise $6 billion a year for schools. >> when i ran for governor, i did say i said three things. one, i want to level with you tell you the truth no more smoke and mirrors on the budget. two, we're not going to have any taxes unless the people themselves vote for it. and three we're going to move government as close as we can to local punts and into the people -- local communities and to the people. >> reporter: brown made prop 30 the focus of his administration spending the year trying to
neighborhood. tara moriarty is live out there with the details of the damage and also what we now know about the cause of that crash. tara? >> reporter: well, take a look at the damage to the fabric store. you can see on the ground there's even pieces of busted pipe and if we kind of go around the corner there, you can see where the electrical boxes are and the electricity had to be shut off. the accident actually started across the street. that's where you can see a gate lying there in the parking lot. witnesses say that around midnight, a teenager was picking up his father. instead of hitting the brag, he hit the gas pedal and lurched forward all the way across the street into the shop. neighbors upstairs heard the crash. >> my son say, momma, momma! i stream. i stream -- i scream. i scream. >> reporter: can't get any sleep? >> can't sleep well. >> reporter: we're here on the corner of 12th avenue and east 12th street and this truck hit a waterline so crews had to turn off the water supply and they were also forced to turn off the power. no word when the power will be restored. investigato
with a multimillion dollar wind fall. ktvu tara moriarty is here now. says the big decision boils down to two options right tara? >> reporter: that is right. muni has to decide whether it wants to invest in making improvements to the system and hiring more operators or wants to let youths ride for free. we're here at the portal station. they will take center stage at a board of supervisors government audit. supervisor scott weiner is pushing for using the funds for maintenance. pointing out the agency has very poor performance rates. others would like to see 40,000 low income youths ride for free. in this spring the san francisco municipal transportation agency approved a 22 month pilot to provide a free transit ride. it hinged upon the transportation agency would fork over $4 million. they decided not to fund the deal in july. but they approved $6.7 million. it will be interesting to see which way muni goes here. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time now 6:08. let's check in with sal. he's keeping an eye on the roads. sal. >> all right pam and dave. i think we are
. ktvu tara moriarty is live now with the details and also why that out of control car slammed into a fabric store. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the damage is pretty extensive. you can see where this pickup truck slammed into the corner of this fabric store. and it caused quite a bit of damage. but it actually started across the street where that gate is missing right there. witnesses say around midnight a man was picking his father up from work in his pickup truck got stuck in the gate. instead of hitting the brake he hit the gas pedal. the truck also hit a water line. so crews had to turn the water off. they were also forced to cut power because there were electric boxes above the scene of the crash. firefighters rolled the truck out of the store front and later towed. no word yet on what caused the accident. it doesn't appear drug or alcohol played a role. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty. >>> our time now 5:03. overnight fire damaged a pleasant hill business and police say it looks suspicious. now it happened at a strip mall on contra costa boulevard near conco
tara moriarty is out there in daly city with what crews are doing to keep this hillside from collapsing for the second time this week. >> reporter: it took the city 36 hours to dig a channel to keep the impending rain out of this area. we haven't noticed too many folks out and about this morning. ever since the water main broke tuesday, we have noticed neighbors walking around really watching that hillside closely. now the big priority right now is to make sure that the rain does not make the mud slide worse. originally the city said 45,000 gallons of water gushed from that ruptured pipe. now they it's more like 90,000. they have set up bails of hay. they have laid netting. and the disaster left dozens of cars trapped in the mud and buried in the street. as city officials cleared the storm drains to prepare for this weekend. >> we'll have crews assigned to make sure this structure we constructed is functioning the way it was designed to. >> reporter: today the street is clear but hillside park is still buried in four feet of mud. the goal is to keep from more mud slipping and to rebuild
meteorologist rosemary orozco is at the richmond san rafael bridge right now. ktvu tara moriarty is in our traffic center and alex savidge is way up in the south bay. but first with the radar let's go to ktvu meteorologist steve paulson. >> all right, thank you. alex savidge is in the window of very heavy rain in fact. flood advisory has been issued for santa cruz county until 11:30 this morning. it looks like some things are picking up again. i think an inch of rain fell on the board walk. tar look at scott valley, bolder creek. that is a lot of rain. again some of that will be very intense over highway 17 and then over into san jose the rain has picked up. the wind died down a little bit. that is slam city right there. pleasanton also out toward livermore and fremont. and also now pushing out toward discovery bay. for more let's check in on highway 17. alex savidge is there. i think he's right in the middle of it there. >> reporter: it feels like we're in the middle of a band of this rain coming through here. it's been very steady ever since we aryed here at the summit. right along highw
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